Alexander Karnyukhin Photographer

Alexander Karnyukhin - Production Photographer

Alexander Karnyukhin was born and raised in one of the industrial cities of Russia, amidst the Ural Mountains. He received his first degree there, but soon realized that his passion was photography. In 2011, he moved to Moscow to study photography at the best possible place in Russia at the time - the British Higher School of Design (a branch of the University of Hertfordshire, England).

While still studying in Moscow, Alexander started working as the lead photographer for the best men's fashion retail project in Russia at the time, FOTT. There, he was responsible for shooting advertising campaigns, lookbooks, and other media content representing the FOTT brand.

After completing his studies at the British Higher School of Design, Alexander actively began working with the best fashion publications in Moscow and around the world - Esquire, Wonderzine, GQ, Buro 24/7, and many others. Later, his work with fashion publications caught the attention of Forbes magazine, for which he went on to shoot over 14 covers of outstanding businessmen. It was around this time that he was noticed by the largest agency representing photographers in Russia - Eight-Agency. From that moment on, Alexander's client list included such well-known global brands as Reebok, Puma, Adidas, and many others.

In recent years, Alexander has photographed numerous celebrities, outstanding figures in art and business, from Olympic champions for Reebok advertising campaigns to outstanding figures in art for Esquire magazine, with subsequent exhibitions in Europe.

In 2023, Alexander moved to New York, where he now lives and works. He launched his production company, where he serves as art director. Match Production provides portrait photography services based on completely new principles and conditions, with Alexander's artistic vision of photography making it particularly unique. In addition, Alexander continues to work on advertising and editorial shoots, constantly creates his own personal projects, and holds exhibitions of his work.