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A Star Without A Name

Directed by Gera Sandler

Written by Mihail Sebastian

Translated into English by Ilya Eckstein

If love's a miracle, then to whom does it happen? If love's a right, then why isn't it written into law? If love is happiness, then how long does it last? And if it's pain, then where to find an antidote? Who knows…

The world is full of pain as is. Instead - let's talk about love!

"A Star Without A Name" is a melodramatic tragicomedy adapted by Ilya Eckstein from a translation of Mihail Sebastian's "Steaua Fără Nume." Written in 1942 in Romania, it quickly became a hit on theater stages across Europe. Produced by PM Theater, the play will premiere in New York City at the Theatre at St. Clement's, November 8 - December 3, 2023.

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Commissioned by the Eckstein Family Fund and fiscally sponsored by COJECO, PM Theater's "A Star Without A Name" is produced by Sergey Nagorny and directed by Gera Sandler.

The setting of the play is a provincial town in Romanian countryside, situated along the popular train route from Bucharest to Sinaia. By sheer chance, an express train that usually flies by without so much as slowing down, makes a quick stop at the town's only train station, leaving behind one sole passenger: a mysterious young redhead. Her beauty strikes right through the heart of a simple school teacher, who's fascinated by stars and astrology. Will their improbable love survive past its cosmic conception or will it combust like so many nameless stars in the sky?

Directed by Gera Sandler and performed in memoriam of Ilya Eckstein, who adapted the translation, "A Star Without A Name" features scenic design by Jenya Shekhter, original score composed and performed by Mariya Vasilevskaya, and costume design by Luna Gomberg. PM Theater's Anna Bredikhina serves as the show's administrative producer.

The Singing Windmills

Directed by Gera Sandler

Written by Roman Freud

The Singing Windmills explores the life and work of the legendary Solomon Mikhoels, a Soviet Jewish actor, the artistic director of the Moscow State Jewish Theater and the chairman of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee.

Written by Roman Freud and directed by a celebrated Russian-Jewish director Gera Sandler, the play attempts to make sense of and restore the lives and art of legendary heroes, whose breath was cut short and whose legacy was erased. It ponders eternal questions, the fate of an artist, the secrets behind inspiration and the price which one is willing to pay for it.

The Singing Windmills by Roman Freud
Cast and Crew

Roman Freud


Gera Sandler


Anna Bredikhina

Administrative Producer

Tatyana Kot

Assistant Director

Anya Zicer


Jenya Shekhter

Set & Costume Designer

Natalia Danilova

Costume Designer

Alex Ryaboy

Sound Designer