Last year, with a percentage of the proceeds from the ticket sales, we were able to raise and donate $20,000 to aid the humanitarian effort in the war-torn Ukraine. We realized that our production touched lives far beyond New York City and set out on a country-wide tour. The Singing Windmills was performed in 4 US States over the span of 2 weeks, with over 1500 audience members attending. We performed in San Francisco, Campbell, Philadelphia, Boston, and Miami. With our production, we were able to both educate people about the life and art of Solomon Mikhoels, as well as promote ways we as people can continue to help those struggling in the war today.

As a grassroots, independent Theater Company, without a board of directors behind us, we are driven simply by our passion for the art and a duty as a former Soviet-Jewish refugees to speak up for those who can't or don't have the platform to do so. We always welcome conversation with donors who are interested in helping our company in developing further works. With the generous help of our sponsors, we hope to be able to bring our incredible productions to many more cities around the country.


The Fooksman Family Foundation was established in 2018 by Eugene Fooksman. It aims to help shape the future of Israel, strengthen Jewish continuity, and promote Jewish life and culture in a post-exile era. The Foundation is involved in unique projects spanning arts and culture, community building, consciousness raising and beyond.

Fooksman Family Foundation

MART is a non-profit, non-governmental foundation that supports contemporary culture on the international stage. MART curates an inventive and varied arts program, showcasing the very best of contemporary theater, cinema, music, and dance. The Foundation collaborates with world's leading art institutions as well as commissions and produces new artworks and introduces emerging talents alongside established artists to a global audience.

MART Foundation

COJECO (Council of Jewish Émigré Community Organizations) is the central hub of the Russian-speaking Jewish community in the New York tri-state area. The COJECO mission is to convene and connect the Russian-speaking Jewish community through collaborative leadership, innovative engagement, Jewish education, capacity building, and preservation of heritage.