Alina Kozlova Stage Manager

Alina Kozlova – Stage Manager

Alina fell in love with theater when she was just 8 years old, after being accepted into a drama school. Since then, she has always been drawn to the magic that happens behind the curtain. 

For Alina, theater isn't just a job, it's a passionate love affair. Every script is a new adventure, every actor a storyteller, every set change a dance.

In the world of theater, the partnership between a stage manager and a director is a delicate dance that brings every production to life. As a stage manager, she is the steady heartbeat, orchestrating the rhythm of the backstage symphony. For Alina, working closely with the director Gera Sandler is like sailing into uncharted waters and discovering hidden treasures. It's a thrilling adventure that keeps her on her toes.

Alina's journey with PM Theater has been an inspiring exploration of artistry and professional growth. Their vision fuels her passion, and their guidance is the compass that steers them towards brilliance.