Gala Orlovsky

Gala Orlovsky (Elya) - graduated Kiev State University of Theater and Cinematography (class of famous professor N.N. Rushkovsky). While still a 4th year student, she was invited to the performance of the Theater of the Young Spectator. For her first role in the theater, Pippi Longstocking Gala was awarded the Debut of the Year Award. She played the main roles in almost all performances, worked on radio and television, acted in films. Three years later she was invited to the Benefis Theater of Drama and Comedy. For her role in the play "Save from Hatred" based on the works of A. Galich, she received first prize at the Golden Lion Theater Festival in Lviv, participated in the performances "Mother Jesus", "Dialogues from a Cage", which received first prizes at the Republican theater festivals.

In 1988 she was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR.

In 1990 she emigrated to Israel. All her years in Israel she played at the Jerusalem Theater of Miniatures. She has dubbed a lot of films on the "Kino" channel, won a competition in the project of the American program Joint for the play "Shabad Island".

In America, he worked at the Steps Theater "Enemies. Love Story" and at the Russian Art Theater and studio.