Luna Gomberg | Costume Design

Luna Gomberg (Costume Design)

Luna Gomberg is a multimedia artist and costume designer, who has participated in productions all around the world, including several large-scale costumed performances and installations in the Berkshires and in New York City, and a show which participated in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017.

An emigrant, Luna speaks Russian and English fluently. Her work is often based on the cultural diversity of her background; for example, her detail work and embroidery elaborates on Slavic and Jewish traditions, creating new fusion stitches and imagery.

Luna's past experience includes work in analog stop motion animation, set and costume design as well as hair and makeup for theatre and opera productions, independent sculptural and fiber-arts work, costume design for several shows by Krymov Lab NYC at the LaMaMA Theatre in the East Village, as well as installations and collaborations with other artists such as Uta Bekaia and Doug Fitch and Tommy Nguyen.