Nastia Blyakher | Lighting Design

Nastia Blyakher - Lighting Designer

Nastia Blyakher is an educator, a television and theater professional with 20 years of experience in education and entertainment industry, both in Russia and the United States. She produced and directed award winning plays for Youth Theater, worked as a director of Children's Language Camps and taught TV, Film and Media for youth.
She graduated from Moscow State Pedagogy University with master's degree in education and English linguistics in 2005. In 2008 Nastia permanently moved to the US where she received her Master's in Radio and Television production, where she also received an award of excellence as a best producer and director for her short documentary "Honeybee and the city."
Since then, she worked as a producer and director for multiple production companies and produced documentary/reality television content for multiple networks/platforms, produced and directed multiple events and mixed media performances.
In 2016 she produced and co-directed an award-winning play "Vasisliy + Federico" based on short stories of Vasiliy Shukshin for STEPS Theater in New York, USA. Same year she also co-produced a play "Chekhov.PS", based on plays of Anton Chekhov, adapted, and directed by Adolf Shapiro, for Accent Theater Company in New York, USA.
Since 2017, Nastia has been producing theater and other cultural projects, while also talking a part in them as a technical director and video artist.