Natalia Danilova | Costume Designer

Natalia Danilova (Costume Designer) With a masterful fusion of classical Russian theater traditions and modern American arts techniques, Natalia Danilova offers decades of experience working as a costume designer and stylist, mural artist, and set design artist. Her versatile craftsmanship stems from Moscow Theatrical Arts and Technology College degree in Fine Arts and Costume Design, and is enriched by numerous collaborations with the leading Russian theaters, and American cinematic and theatrical productions. Being a member of IATSE and USA 829 Local, Natalia has been consistently working on theater and movie sets throughout the East Coast, although her inspirations always remain with New York City.

Her multifaceted representational art encompasses various modes, from sheer minimalism to garish intricacy.

Being a mother of five, Natalia is a naturally skilled multitasker, always bringing a nurturing touch and detailed perfectionism to all her creations.