Stephen Ochsner | Role of Miroiu

Stephen Ochsner (Miroiu)

Stephen Ochsner is an American-Russian actor, director and teacher from Colorado.

In 2008, he went to study at the Moscow Art Theatre and returned to the USA 14 years later, in the wake of Putin's invasion of Ukraine. He was a resident artist at the Meyerhold Theatre Centre and School of Dramatic Art. He worked in Theatre "Praktika", Sovremennik, Yerevan State Puppet Theatre and The Jewish Centre for Tolerance. For five years and in six countries, Stephen performed Ivan Vyrypaev's "The Maxims of Panteley Karmanov", and he is most widely known for his role as Kostya in Eduard Oganesyan's series "Chicks".

Developing movement training for the actor, Stephen has taught across the United States, Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. In 2020, he founded Safe Theatre, an avant-garde oral tradition theatre company on a windowsill at Patriarch's Pond.

This is Stephen's New York City debut role.